12 Killer Questions For Shopping Termite Treatments

Shopping for termite control can be a very confusing experience. When visiting with each company’s representative, use this questionnaire to help you ask the right questions.

1. Does your termite bond cover damage repair? If so, does it cover contents? (wallpaper, crown molding, furniture, etc.)

You want to avoid any termite warranty that does not offer damage protection. You’ll also want to find out the extent of what contents are covered.

2. Does the bond have a deductible? How much?

You shouldn’t have to accept a termite bond with a deductible.

3. What is the maximum payout per incident?

**Not to be confused with total coverage** To my knowledge, the termite control companies in Georgia cover between $100,000 – $300,000 per incident. Be careful! I know at least one well-know company that boasts $1 million coverage, but their contract clearly states $300,000 per incident.

4. What is the length of the bond? or How many years until I pay to have my home re-treated?

Obviously, the importance of this really depends on how long you plan on owning your home. If you have no intentions of selling the home, you wouldn’t want to pay for a full termite re-treat after just five years. Do the math to see what works best for you.

5. Does the warranty include Formosan termites?

This is an aggressive and fast-eating termite that can do a lot of damage in little time. Formosan termites are not extremely common in Middle Georgia, but we are experiencing a steady increase in reported cases.

6. How much is the annual renewal fee?

Probably one of the least significant factors (but still important). Renewal fees typically range between $100 – $250 per year. I’d be more concerned with value than price.

Technical Questions:
7. What product/chemical will be used to treat my home?

Termidor is the most trusted termiticide. Don’t accept anything less. I wouldn’t recommend baiting systems unless environmental factors prohibit Termidor.

8. How much product/chemical will be used?

Compare the calculations from company to company. You could be surprised at the discrepancies.

For Liquid Treatments
9. How does your company confirm the quantity of product/chemical applied?

Different methods can bring similar results, just make sure the company has a well-established system in place.

10. Will my home be a “defined” or “comprehensive” treatment? (Florida calls them “perimeter” and “perimeter plus”)

Some states have different names for these treatments. “Comprehensive” is a more detailed and requires more product/chemical than “Defined”. Again, compare the answers from rep to rep.

11. What will be used to patch the drill holes? or May I see pictures of your patch work?

While they will fade over time, the patches will be noticeable after the treatment. What you’re looking for is maximum effort in matching the patches with the original slab/brick/tile.

12. On the day of the treatment, may I witness your technician mix the product?” AND “Can I confirm the termite tank’s before/after reading?”

Don’t just ask, do them both! Reps will tell you all kinds of things about soil samples and state audits, but the ONLY way to ensure your home has been treated with adequate product/chemical is to see it for yourself.

Hope this helps!