4 Mouse Trapping Tips From The Pros

victor-mouse-trapThere’s no need to build a better mousetrap.  Just use these tips and watch your mouse catching efforts dramatically improve.

1. Use The Right Bait.

Although cheese will attract mice, Nutella, peanut butter, and slightly-chewed Tootsie Rolls are better options. Birdseed is another effective bait, but it requires a “tray” style mousetrap not commonly found in grocery and hardware stores.

2. Place Your Traps in the “Potty Spots”

When a particular area has a large amount of mouse droppings, it’s a great indicator that mice love to hang out or nest there.  Mice are curious creatures and love to explore new things, so for you to introduce an interesting contraption holding FOOD into a mouse’s favorite spot ….well…it’s almost unfair.

3. Look for Rub Marks Around Openings and Along Baseboards

To date, I’ve never seen a mouse use shampoo or conditioner, so their fur is always oily. For this reason, high traffic areas will develop greasy rub marks.  Placing your traps near these “mouse highways” is a really good way to ensure discovery.

4. Make a “T” for Trap

Mice don’t see very well, so they use their whiskers to “feel” their way along walls or other structural barriers.  Because of this behavior, you will want to set your traps perpendicular to baseboards or barriers.  This will ensure the mice approach the traps from the sides as opposed to the front or back.  If a rodent approaches the trap from the rear, there is a possibility it will be safely thrown off.

Hope these tips help. Happy Trapping!


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