How Bugs Travel To the Sixteenth Floor

Warning: If you have a fear of bugs or suffer from Entomophobia, I recommend skipping this article.

Now on with the post.

Servicing several apartments in downtown Omaha, I often have tenants ask questions like the following:

I live on the sixteenth floor and my windows are sealed, how do bugs make it all the way up to my apartment?

While I’ve seen several scenarios where ants have entered an apartment from the exterior, the most common way bugs get to higher-floor apartments is unsettling to most.

They hitchhike.

Outdoor bugs make it into structures all the time. They can fly in, crawl under door sweeps, or enter through various plumbing/electrical voids.

But what are the odds that a bug makes it inside the building, navigates its way up the stairs/plumbing/elevator/elevator shaft, then into a sixteenth story apartment?

Five or six floors? Maybe.

Sixteen? Highly unlikely.

Don’t get me wrong. Anything is possible, but it’s much more likely the bug was on/in someone’s clothing, bag, purse, plant, groceries or Amazon shipment. In fact, German roach, pantry pest and bed bug infestations almost ALWAYS enter a home via hitchhiking.

So next time you see a metallic green beetle crawling around in your apartment’s foyer, just remember it probably had a lot of help getting there.


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