Introducing: Easy Pay!

I’m excited to introduce Titus Pest Control’s newest feature.

Easy Pay gives you the comfort of a low monthly charge, with the advantage of a detailed, high quality bi-monthly service.

Nothing has changed in regards to service. Our Annual Protection package provides year round protection. Regular services intervals are scheduled every sixty days, with extra services available anytime between regular treatments.

The Difference Is In The Invoicing.
In the past, we invoiced customers after bi-monthly services were completed.

That’s actually a standard practice in the industry, but it makes for awkward budgeting and/or online bill payments.

So We Listened To You
Now, you can simply choose a day of the month for the automatic deduction to take place.

Prefer not to have an automatic deduction?

No problem. We can mail you an invoice. We want to make payment as easy as possible.

Give It A Try
We actually implemented this change two weeks ago and the early reviews have been extremely positive.

If you’d prefer the older (sixty day) invoicing method, let us know. We’d be more than happy to accommodate you, but something tells me you’ll prefer the new way we do things.

Easy Pay: It’s just another reason to choose Titus Pest Control for your pest control needs.

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